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Beema Inc. has taken over a decade of video and animation experience and concentrated it into a mobile application that allows users to create their very own, custom animation in seconds with nothing more than their mobile phone. Beema is currently in the Beta Phase of our new service which is available in the United States and India. We are working hard to add new countries as quickly as possible so those of you outside of the US and India join the waiting list. It will influence which our decision about which country to pursue next.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hey Check this its really Kewl!

Hey, did you check this site india.beema.com it is cool!! I just created a Beema animation of Hrithik and had my voice added to it..its so kewl i loved it...check it below i hope you will like it"

Ring tones or caller tunes are out ....Beemas are in!

Do you want to see your favorite celebrity, animated and talk in YOUR Voice in your mobile phone, email or pretty much anywhere!!!
Log on to http://india.beema.com to know more or read on...

Beema’s service is quite simple in that it allows you the mobile phone user to create your own custom talking animations (Beemas as we call them) in seconds with just your mobile phone. Once you have created a Beema it can be sent and/or shared in any and every way that standard video can be shared in the web and mobile world.
To create a Beema (animation) you simply register online at india.beema.com and select your favorite characters (a person, an animal, an alien) from the site’s expansive character library. Once the character is chosen all you need to do to create a Beema is to place a phone call to Beema’s toll free number and leave a message in your own voice or your best impersonation of someone else’s voice. In seconds the system will return your brand-new, original Beema to your email and mobile phone with your voice being uttered through the lips of your personal character.

Once the Beema has been delivered, you are free to do whatever they would like with your new customized video message (Beema) including: posting it on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook; MMS it to your friends if you have a phone with an MMS Plan; send it to YouTube, or anything else you can imagine doing with a video file. Since the Beema is delivered to you as a standard 3GP video file your options are almost limitless.

Visit http://india.beema.com today!!!

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